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Inspired by the beauty of travel and adventure, MAI MAI carries pieces that are carefully curated for the modern-day dream girl. Our pieces are a trendy twist to the everyday basics-- eliciting a sense of effortless confidence, yet still maintaining comfortability.

MAI MAI, which means forever in Vietnamese, is a brand that emulates a dreamy, endless summer. A line of elevated, versatile basics.

Our goal is to let the pieces tell a story. To capture the essence of that care-free feeling. Not just clothing, but clothing that inspires you. Clothing that gives you a boost of confidence. Clothing that has a purpose.


The idea of MAI MAI came to life during a trip to Bali early 2020, where Mai-Vy was inspired by the simple treasures she would discover while shopping.

Mai-Vy felt like she was always searching for the perfect basics. Working in the fashion industry for the past 5 years, she decided to create her own online store that would carry all the pieces she would always seem to look for.

On this Bali trip, Mai-Vy saw a sign that read MAI MAI, which means 'forever' in Vietnamese. Being Vietnamese, she felt this name perfectly captured the essence of the brand. Hope you like it!

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